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     Marguerite Perrin is a native of Ponchatoula, Louisiana where she lives with her husband, Barry, her daughters Ashley and Brooke and granddaughter Abigail. Marguerite has made a dynamic and unforgettable impact on every life she has touched. To those back home in Ponchatoula, she has achieved success far beyond wealth and fame. In their eyes, she has always been a star. But the tiny walls of Ponchatoula could never be strong enough to keep Marguerite from her adventures. In a world of similarity and formality, she was never meant to fit in. she was born to stand out.

     Marguerite made her primary impact on America with her unforgettable appearance on the reality TV show, Trading Spouses. Her appearance, heavily advertised during the World Series, became the highest rated episode. Marguerite did not stop there. Appearances have included an interview with Mad Mama Makeover (Access Hollywood), chatting with the winners of The Biggest Loser, sharing her opinions on Inside Edition, OK Magazine and Reality Remix, as well as a second episode of Trading Spouses, whose video clip was one of the top rated clips for VH1 in 2005. And, after two appearances on The Kennedy Show, she accepted invitations for radio tours for both the Billboard and Radio Music Awards.

     After appearing in TV Guide (a full page feature) and in the LA Times calendar section (which was one of the most read issues of 2005), much to her surprise a bobble head doll was created in her honor. Viewed on eBay by 350,000 people, the doll sold for $870, only to be presented to her on the Tonight Show as a special surprise by Jay Leno. A return appearance on the Tonight Show is being scheduled, and Marguerite's first music CD entitled "Marguerite (Why Can't You Be Sweet)" has been released to radio, as well as an upcoming movie role in Pandora's Yacht. This small town girl has definitely begun to make a name for herself in Tinsel Town. However, with all her fame and success, she still remains, well, somewhat unchanged.

     By ignoring all rules of caution and conformity, Marguerite has been able to find a place in the hearts of her viewers through her fabulously unique personality, unyielding faith and astonishing pride. When she boards a plane and courageously leaves behind her home and family to venture into an unfamiliar world, Marguerite... an extraordinary individual, inspires all of us to look beyond tradition and conformity and remain true to ourselves.